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#禪花人 #zenhanasan

畢業於香港理工大學的美術及設計教育(榮譽)文學士學位課程。2014年開始認識日本花道,被日本的茶道大師千利休的「一朵茶花」精神所驚艷。同時亦接觸到日本當代的花道大師- 川瀨敏郎的自然挵花之趣。隨後開始以轉贈的禮物花束及家中舊器皿體驗挵「一朵花」的樂趣。直至2017年,有緣跟常霖法師修禪。體會到每次與花相遇、為花選器、修剪到完成作品的過程都是一期一會的緣份。

2020年註冊成為香港園藝治療技術員 (HTF)。同年於台灣修讀自然療癒的碩士課程。

Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Art and Design in Education. I met Japanese art of flower arrangement since 2014. I was amazed by the spirit of ‘single flower’ by Japan's tea ceremony master Sen no Rikyū and the natural Japanese flower master Kawase Toshiro. Then I started to arrange ’single flower’ with gifted bouquet and home utensils. Until 2017, I practiced zen from Ven. Chang Lin. He inspired me to cherish every particular experience from meet flower, select the container for flower, trim flower to the completion of the artwork. Each moment is always once in a lifetime.

Certified as a Horticultural Therapy Facilitator (HTF) in 2020 and study for a Master's degree in Natural Therapy, Taiwan.

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